Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Summer is a washout - bring on October!

I meant to post this on Sunday, would you believe.  I even thought I had posted it yesterday.
Better late than never!

Over the weekend, The Walking Dead season 3 official trailer was released at Comic-Con.  I can't tell you, and probably shouldn't confess to, just how excited I was when I saw this.

This is an amazing trailer!  Beautifully edited with enticing glimpses that promise for a mind blowing third season.

As a Dixon brothers fan, I am probably most excited about the return of Michael Rooker as Merle Dixon.  We caught only a glimpse into his character in the first season, as a drug addicted, unpredictable redneck cuffed to the roof of the building and we then got an insight into the ex-con's mind and vulnerability as he talks to himself before sawing off his own hand, cauterising it and possibly stealing our heros' van.  Merle Dixon is a tough son of a bitch.

In season 2 we saw a good deal of his little brother, Daryl.  We learnt a little about the Dixon boys' past and childhoods and just what a good heart Daryl has.  We also got a glimpse of his relationship with brother Merle as he hallucinates about his brother when near death, as Merle goads him and pushes him and brings him back from the brink.  These are two brothers who have only each other and I suspect that Merle brought up Daryl for the most part and is therefore a big influence.  I got the feeling that Merle's absence since season 1 has allowed Daryl to come into his own, to find his voice and form his own opinions.  Therefore, I am very interested to see what will happen when Merle and Daryl find each other again.  Just how will the dynamics of their relationship be changed?

Having read The Rise of the Governor, I now feel that I know the Governor, and his secrets, personally.  It gave me a little buzz when I saw him on my laptop screen and I can't wait to get to know him and continue the story from the novel.

Naturally, I'm also drawn to new character Michonne - she has a samurai sword for crying out loud!  Finally a truly strong female character in this programme.  I hope.  Of course, Andrea has become the strong female I crave so badly but now she will team up with Michonne.  I hope that these two live up to my expectations.
In fact, I hope that the whole of season 3 lives up to this trailer.

Season 3 of The Walking Dead hits US screens in October and should be with us Brits very shortly after, late October if the gods can hear me.

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