Saturday, 14 July 2012

Best week of 2012?

So this week has possibly been the best week of 2012 so far and I feel the need to share.

I'll start slowly.  I spent Monday and Tuesday at a training course.  Boring yes, but not only did it get me out of the office for two days, it reminded me of a freedom that some people are lucky enough to experience everyday (without the worry of money) and provided great inspiration for some short stories.

We decided that our guinea pigs were getting a bit bored lately, and one of their beds was utterly revolting, so we bought them a new seesaw and two new beds which they love!

My brand new armchair arrived a whole week early and I love it.

And the big news?

I have spent the last month or so fretting over my novel, Silver.  Is the plot enough?  Is the structure ok?  Is the character development enough?  Is it well written?  Shall I lock it away in a drawer and completely forget about it?
In April I submitted it to two small publishing houses before the paranoia set in and I decided to wait a little while.  I assumed the publishing houses would reject it.  After all, all I've ever had are rejections and not even many of those as I haven't submitted my work to many people.  I've been so scared about putting my work out into the world.

So on Wednesday morning I walked down the stairs to get breakfast, checking my phone as I went.  I had e-mail.  I have spam e-mail each morning so I went in to delete them.  And there it was, an e-mail from one of the publishing houses.
Hurrah!  I thought.  My first rejection for Silver.  I wondered if it would have anything other than 'no thanks', maybe I could print this one off and frame it.
It wasn't a rejection. 
It was a request for the full manuscript.
So not an acceptance, yet, but definately not a rejection either!

Even if they don't accept Silver, I won't be completely distraught.  I consider myself to be incredibly lucky to have gotten this far, this quickly.  I can't begin to tell you the boost of self esteem this has given me.  Maybe Silver isn't that bad after all! And since that e-mail, I haven't stopped writing.

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