Thursday, 12 July 2012

Only a week to go...

So today I innocently went on the local cinema website to see what’s on the big screen at the moment (feels like ages since I watched Jason Segal and the beautiful Emily Blunt handle their Five Year Engagement) and what met my eyes?

ARGH!  Batman!

Yes, in just little over a week the third instalment to the mind blowing Batman trilogy will be upon us.  The movie event of 2012.

I then stumbled across the newest trailer.  I feel I must echo the concerns raised by the film makers many months ago about the audience being able to understand the new protagonist, Bane (no relation or connection to my Emily’s Bane.  I actually dreamt about Emily’s Bane, including his name, and about a month later Batman’s latest foe was revealed).
Everytime I go to the cinema lately, I enjoy the same Batman trailer and everytime I grow concerned about being able to understand Bane.  They seem to have turned his volume up, which is a great shame as the first time I saw the trailer I leaned forward to hear the husky quiet tones of the other characters, only to jump out of my skin when Bane spoke.  I have seen that trailer four times now and on the fourth viewing I started to understand just what he was saying.

Anyway, we shall see what Bane says, and if we can understand it, in a week or so.  In the meantime, here is a fantastic trailer connecting the three films together.  Gave me goosebumps.


Here is another with a little comedy, so now I’m filled with mouth watering anticipation.  Next Friday you say.  Is anyone else breathlessly excited by this film?

In the meantime, anyone fancy Ice Age 4?

Remember to check out the next instalment of The Twilight Zone tomorrow!  What will Emily’s next move be?

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