Monday, 23 July 2012

I had a dream

I had a dream last night, that my first novel (previously Silver, now name unknown) was published.  It was reviewed and the reviewer tore it to pieces.  Strangely I wasn’t upset as everything the reviewer said made sense to me.

There were also snails, and running away and a school trip but I don’t think those things were relevant.

The reviewer told me my plot was awful and to be honest this is my main worry for Previously-Silver.  I’ve always been good at dialogue but plot is something I’ve had to work hard at.  This is something I’ve been considering (and I told the reviewer as much).

I went to sleep thinking about my Emily May series.  As I climbed into bed (on top of the duvet because suddenly summer is upon us and upstairs was like an oven last night!), I was suddenly hit by a plot theme for the third book and then boom!  An idea for another.  I quickly wrote them down before they drifted from my mind and I bet that’s why I dreamt about such things.

The snails can be explained by the number of them we keep finding.  They haunt our recycling boxes and my mum nearly squished two on our Ladies-What-Lunch lunch on Friday (my mum was also in the dream, trying not to crush any).

I am often running away in dreams.  On this occasion, I blame it on being Sunday night; I was running away from Monday and work.  It didn’t work, I hasten to add.

I can’t explain the school trip…

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