Monday, 26 March 2012

Inspiration strikes!

Inspiration comes from many different places and is probably different for everyone.  I wondered today how many people have been inspired by the same experience I had this afternoon.

Me and my husband have a week off this week and boy did we choose the right week!  It was gloriously hot today.  I woke late (after having a wonderful late sociable night on Sunday) and planned my day of sitting out in the garden reading through Silver for the last edit.  That was when my lovely turned to me and said ‘let’s go to the beach.’  Hmm, ice cream, sunshine and chips?  Go on then!

We went to Weston Super Mare today, just for a couple of hours.  We walked along the sea wall, sat outside a restaurant and had a lovely lunch followed by a boring walk down the pier (the pier is boring), a walk through the shops where we witnessed the Weston branch of Game closing its doors for the last time (with a gift card burning a hole in our pockets) and then we bought an ice cream each and sat on the sea wall watching the donkeys.

That was when something flew in my ear.  I got off the wall and brushed my ear with my hand.  That normally works when a bug gets too close to your ear but not this time.  I heard it buzzing deep inside my ear and I panicked.  My husband told me it was gone but it wasn’t.  I could hear it buzzing and I could feel it moving around. 

It was a horrible, violating feeling of something squirming inside my head.  I shouted that it was still in there and then he panicked – the shock that something could go so deeply into my ear that he couldn’t see it.  He bravely took me towards the nearest cafe, he later confessed to not knowing where he was going but I had a plan.  Visions of hospital and an episode of Casualty flashed before my mind but I knew that we could go in and ask advice, for a first aider or just some sensible thinking.  Thing was, I wasn’t capable of talking sensibly at that point.

As we walked towards the cafe the tickling in my ear intensified and I thought it’s coming out!  I said so to my husband who shouted that he could see it. 
‘Well get it out!’  I screamed and my beloved husband smacked me in the head and we watched as a little black thing fell out of my ear.  I walked quickly away before the insect could pick itself up and chase me down the promenade.

I have since endured an afternoon of berating from my darling husband about having insect eggs in my ear.  I admit I had to google this when I got home and found out the ear eggs are very rare and, after thinking it through, I don’t think the bug had a chance to lay any eggs.  It sounded just as panicky as I was!

I want to diversify into horror stories and Writing Magazine is currently holding a Horror short story competition.  I’ve been wracking my brain trying to come up with something suitable and have a go at proving myself.  Today’s incident may just be the inspiration I need...

On a separate note, we just watched the finale of The Walking Dead series 2.  Looking forward to series 3 in the autumn.

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