Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A beautiful ending

Last Sunday was the day that series 4 of Being Human came to an end.  I just watched the final episode.

Series 4 of Being Human has been amazing throughout.  I didn’t want to watch it to begin with, I was too angry at the loss of three of the staple characters but the writing is so clever that I instantly fell in love with Hal and Tom. 

Series 4 has been funny, gruesome and sombre.  There have been pointless storylines, fun storylines and the main storyline.  The main plot was one that never truly sat with me well; the end of the world at the hands of vampires and a baby saviour.  It just felt too epic for a series that started off about a ghost, vampire and werewolf trying to be human.  I liked the inclusion of baby Eve though and the meaning that she gave to Annie.

This episode was the climax of this epic end of the world storyline.  The Old Ones, the first vampires, arrive in Barry and set about starting their takeover of the world with only Hal, fighting his bloodlust, and Tom, young and naive Tom, to stand in their way.  Annie is still reeling from meeting a grown up Eve and the horror that she must kill the baby.

The first thing that hit me about this episode was right at the beginning where we see Snow, the Oldest One, and an eleven year old Eve.   The Nazi symbolism was a interesting choice of the writers and I wonder why they chose to use this.  Was it to instil a hatred of the vampires?  Most likely it was to compare the two.  In the penultimate episode we learn about the vampires using camps for werewolves and humans, similar to the Nazi concentration camps.  Nazi’s are often represented as pure evil as are the Old Ones.  However I found the symbolism a little unnerving and unbelievable; why would ancient vampires want to align themselves with humans in this way?  The ideal system is not similar, only the actions and in my opinion vampires are far too full on their own self worth to compare themselves with the insects that are humans, especially ones that lost the war and the world.

What I did enjoy was that Snow’s car was still taxed, even in April 2022 when the vampires had control of the world.  But I supposed a government is still required, as are taxes.  Roads must be kept maintained as must a system.  I think Snow may have overlooked a trick though, surely he runs the world at this point and if I ran the world I definitely wouldn’t be paying car tax!

I don’t want to create any spoilers of this episode, just in case anyone has missed it or is saving it for a rainy day.   Therefore I just want to give you my two highlights;
‘Always be kind and polite and have the materials to build a bomb’ McNair’s advice to Tom.
‘Give me back my fucking baby’

This episode was incredible; I haven’t cried like that since Mitchell died.  Whilst I am horrified and saddened by the ending I can see no way out of it, the writers did what they had to do and it was beautiful.
I cannot recommend Being Human highly enough and I’m pleased to say that the new series will be on our screens next year.  I hope it will be as funny, heart warming and well written as this series.

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