Friday, 17 August 2012

The Twilight Zone

It's been a rubbish week so hurray for Friday!  And hurray for the ninth part of my blog serial, The Twilight Zone.

On Wednesday I watched the third episode of Supernatural season 7, which was brilliant, almost a throw back to the good old days.
Annoyingly (at first), the episode is about a kitsune.
Just when you think you may have stumbled across something a little original, an award winning television programme appears on your screen with the same creature!  Thankfully the Supernatural kitsune is different to my own.  Even better, Jewel Staite features in the episode.  For those who don't know who this beautiful woman is, she plays the lovely Kaylee in Firefly.

Bane is back, but what about little Katy and Ray's sister?

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