Thursday, 16 August 2012

Childhood fantasy

Quickie post today due to busy, awful week that has somehow sped by and has left me at 9pm on a Thursday with very bleary eyes and still today's editing of my novel to complete...

So, I recently did a post about a selection of fantasy films that were grouped together by a well known chain of shops (see previous post here).  A few people got in touch to suggest films that should have been in the selection.
These include;

  • The Princess Bride
  • Time Bandits
  • Fisher King
  • Brazil

It has occurred to me that this is an excellent way to get recommendations for classic fantasy that completely missed me!  I actually own The Princess Bride and Brazil.  The Princess Bride was having a memory holiday on the day I wrote the original post and I haven't watched Brazil yet, so there are those excuses.

What other great fantasy films have been missed?


  1. Pan's labyrinth? Fantastic fantasy/fairy tale which is shot beautifully!
    Also...maybe a bit tenuous...but Hellboy???

  2. Good ones! I own Pans Labyrinth too but haven't watched it yet. I really need to catch up on my DVD collection!
    Hellboy should be added, not Hellboy 2 though...

  3. My cousin has pointed out that I've missed out Lord of the Rings...I feel so ashamed I think I will go hide in a cupboard...