Saturday, 9 June 2012

A Saturday at a Bristol market

I've been wracking my brain for inspiration for a blog post today but have arrived at nearly midnight with nothing so I apologise for the lack of postage.

It's been a busy day.  Today is, according to the weather people, the only day of sunshine sandwiched between days of torrental rain and severe gales.  So we decided to go out for the day despite the fact that I have spent the entire week thinking about writing, telling myself I will write and then allowing myself to be distracted by my day job and vet visits.

We went into Bristol.  I realised when writing my blog post about Bristol that I had no photos of the city, despite having lived here for 4 years.  Which is silly.  So I took some photos which are below.

It's Green Week and there was a market on stretching from the harbour all the way up to Broadmead selling food, crafts, cakes, books and campaigning charities.  We walked the entire length, breathing in the glorious smells of freshly cooked paella, BBQs, crepes and bread and marvelling at the talented craftspeople of Bristol.

While waiting for our burgers to cook we browsed a book stall and I picked up a copy of Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451.  I later learned that this king of the genre passed away on 5 June.
I am a newcomer to the great Ray Bradbury, having only read one of his books so far.  I wouldn't dare write anything about this man with such a lacking knowledge, so below are some links to tributes;

<-- This is what a school in Bristol looks like!

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