Friday, 15 June 2012

Lunch inspiration and TWD

I have had a ridiculously busy week and because of that, it being Friday and that I want to try and write as much as possible this evening and tomorrow morning, I'm going to keep this post brief.

Firstly, I was struck by how randomly inspiration can hit today.  Inbetween meetings I ran onto the high street to grab a sandwich, ducking and weaving around slow old people and gliding amongst rain drops.  As I passed a small branch of a well known bank in a very historic building, a car pulled up outside.  Out got a gentleman in his twenties.  He carefully, and a little wobbly, placed a can of beer on the pavement and strolled past me into the bank.
A beautiful moment; a perfect start to a short story, I realised as I raced back to my office to gobble my sandwich.
Maybe he just had the day off and was enjoying himself with a quick errand to the bank.  Or maybe he's unemployed and developing a drinking problem, popping to the bank to cash in a cheque from his parents.  Or maybe he's lacking in confidence.  Perhaps that can of beer was not his first and was pumping him full of fake courage so that he could rob the bank - it's only a small branch and his friends stayed in the car directly outside, parked on double yellow lines, just right for a quick getaway.

Inspiration can be found everywhere and anywhere - even on a hectic work day. (I would like to mention that I'm 99% sure he didn't rob the place!)

On a separate note entirely, I was made very happy this week by the following photo being released.  One of my favourite characters is returning to The Walking Dead in season 3 which will reach our screens later in the year.  Cannot.  Wait.

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