Tuesday, 17 April 2012

An excerpt from Silver

I wanted to put up a short excerpt from Silver on here, so here it is!  It took me a while to decide on a piece.  I wanted to share my favourite characters with you, my favourite moments but eventually I settled on the moment that Emily May meets an angel.

This can also be found on the Silver tab above.  Hope you enjoy and feel the urge to read more!

"I lost it in the town centre, surrounded by pub goers preparing for the night ahead.  I kept my gun hidden and moved quickly through the groups of young men and women.  The noise danced across my senses and I lost my bearings.  I walked briskly, searching for any clue that the wolf had been there.  The noise eased as I left it all behind and a rattle down a nearby alley caught my attention.  It may just be a cat knocking over a bin lid but then on the other hand, it may not be.
I walked through the dark alley, my gun held up and my eyes sharp, peering into the shadows.  This was followed by an intense pain.  It took me a second or two to figure out where the pain had come from; my eyes.  They were closed.  I knew this because I could clearly see the inside of my eyelids, every tiny blood vessel against a pink background.  My knees buckled with the pain as my body scrabbled for ways of releasing me from it.  I ended up crouched, my arms over my head and face, shielding my eyes.  Eventually the pain eased.  The bright light dimmed.  I risked, very slowly, moving my arms and opening my eyes.  Colours danced in front of me but there was no pain.  I stood, feeling the reassuring weight of my gun still in my hand.  I searched for the culprit of the bright light, blinking furiously.
There was a man in front of me.  I ripped my stare up to his face.  I had to do this, you see, because he was naked.
He was not particularly buff.  He was no Spartan warrior or Schwarzenegger, which told me that this was not the Terminator come from the future to steal my leather jacket (good luck to him, it barely fit me).  The muscles in his arms and torso were defined.  His legs were thick set and hairy.  His genitals looked like a variant of all male genitalia I’d seen in my life. 
What?  Don’t tell me you wouldn’t have snuck a peak.
All in all, he was nothing out of the ordinary.  Except that he was naked in an alleyway.   
My first instinct was to aim my gun at him, but this seemed a little harsh considering his current situation.  One was vulnerable enough without clothes, never mind with a gun aimed at your flesh.  So the gun stayed at my side but my fingers twitched in readiness.
‘Are you alright?’  It seemed a good opener.  I blinked a few more times as my vision settled to normal.  He watched me.  ‘Ok,’ I breathed, looking around the alleyway.  ‘You seen a big dog go through here?’"

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