Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The dreaded block

I have spent the last half an hour scouring the internet for inspiration on what this blog post should be about.  I’ve spent the whole day thinking about it off and on.  Nothing.

So, while trying hard not to watch One Born Every Minute which freaks me out but for some reason I still haven’t changed the channel, I posted on Facebook that I’m in need of help.
My lovely cousin pointed out the obvious subject to me – lack of inspiration.

Well, yes, I thought.  That does make sense.  Except that I don’t suffer from writer’s block.  I don’t.  I’m very proud of the fact that I haven’t suffered from writer’s block since 2001.  Not since I discovered fantasy.

And then this blog came along...

What do you do when you hit writer’s block?

I wish I could write a list of ways around writer’s block off the top of my head but having not suffered from it for over ten years, I struggle to remember what I used to do!

One thing I do remember is that I used to read about writing.  Reading articles about how to find my voice, how to structure, create characters and world build would always inspire me.  It never failed.
So that was what I did this evening.  It didn’t work.

I looked up articles but they all say the same thing.  I went onto forums but the more I read the more annoyed I became with people’s responses.

I have the same problems with writing courses – every course I’ve been on is simply a duplication of the articles I’ve read, which brings me back to the theory that writers actually make out that writing is harder than it is.

So my old and trusted technique doesn’t work anymore.  It must be time to find some new ways of overcoming writer’s block, if only to keep this blog populated!

So what ways do you overcome lack of inspiration?  Leave a comment below, tweet me or leave me a message on Facebook!

In the meantime, I’m going to shut down social media before the world puts me in a bad mood and I’m definitely going to turn off One Born Every Minute!

Note: When medical professionals say ‘this might be uncomfortable’ that means ‘it’s going to hurt.  A lot!’

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