Monday, 7 January 2013

A Monday round up

Today hasn't been so shiny.  Last night I closed a kitchen cupboard door on my face and I've had an awful stomach ache all day so I thought I would share some stuff with you today rather than write a philsophical article of a post.


The Walking Dead

Word on the street is that The Walking Dead is returning to our screens on 15 February and look!  A trailer for the next episode!

Warm Bodies

Speaking of zombies, new movie Warm Bodies looks awesome!

Naughty Hobbit

I found this on the great Fantasy Faction.  What's your dirty Hobbit name?  Some of my friends have hilarious dirty Hobbit names...


The end of the world

This scared me.  An article about the asteriod Apophis which will potentially impact with Earth in 2036.  That's not that far away!  Eep!

Terminally ill Star Trek fan

The sad but sweet story of the terminally ill Star Trek fan who got to see Into Darkness early.  He passed away days later with some great last words.  Read about it on SFX.

Beetlejuice 2

Back to a lighter note, I found out today (a bit late apparently) that there is a sequal to Beetlejuice in the works.  Written by Seth Grahame-Smith (whose novel I wrote about in my last post), I am relieved to say that it will be still be directed by Mr Burton and starring Mr Keaton.  Phew!

Read about it on SciFi Now.

Billy Connelly in The Hobbit

And something that annoyed me.  My mum told me that Billy Connelly stated in an interview recently that he finds Tolkien 'unreadable' and that as a young man he 'hated Tolkien lovers'.
She also told me that during an interview they showed the scene of the 'Unexpected Party' in 'An Unexpected Journey' and I thought, no, that's not right.
So I did a search of Mr Connelly as Dain Ironfoot, the king dwarf in the upcoming Hobbit movies and found this picture...

I feel the burning need to point out that this dwarf is NOT Billy Connelly!  This is Oin, played brilliantly by John Callen.

So now we've got that sorted out, my next annoyance is why the hell did Billy Connelly get a part in The Hobbit when he obviously has no passion for Tolkien when the lovely and wonderful (and much nicer) Bill Bailey auditioned for a part as one of the dwarves and wasn't cast?!

I will forgive you, Peter Jackson, but only just...

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