Friday, 7 December 2012

Can you guess how I've been procrastinating?

Yesterday I was hit by a sudden bolt of inspiration.  An idea for a blog post that would have blown your socks off.  It was magnificent, it was spell binding, it was perfect.
And then I forgot what it was...

So instead I’ve decided to gather together little geeky snippets from across the internet for your enjoyment, interest and amusement.

Enjoy, and don’t forget, last episode of The Walking Dead before the season break tonight, FX, 10pm!

Star Trek

Let's start with the trailer for the Star Trek sequel, Into Darkness, shall we?  It's mouth wateringly good.

Helm's Deep...

This made me laugh.  Helm's Deep, LEGO stylee.

The Walking Dead

I know I just reminded you that the end of season episode is on tonight, but I feel I should also share that it won't be back on our screens until February.  February!  Boooooo!

New shows on BBC

But have no fear!  Because some favourites are coming back onto our screens in the New Year, including Pramface (hurrah!) and, wait for it, Being Human!  There are a few snippets in this BBC trailer..(sorry, it was embedded but it played automatically and kept scaring the life out of me!)

Ender's Game

I only found out about the science fiction novel, Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card, a week or so ago when I was researching great endings for novels.  So unfortunately I already know how it ends.  But that didn't make me any less inclined to read it.  So it's been added to my list of books that I want.
Then today I discovered it's being made into a film!
It's due for release in 2013 and stars Harrison Ford, and Abigail Breslin (Kick Ass) is in it too.  You may also recognise Asa Butterfield who will be playing Ender from Merlin, Ashes to Ashes, The Wolfman, Hugo, to name a few.

Here is the first picture that's been released;

Ender's Game first picture of Asa Butterfield

The Hobbit

Christmas has really crept up on me this year, that and The Hobbit.  It's released on 13th December.  That's NEXT Thursday!  Boy did that come round quick.
And look who's going to be in the film when he's not in the book...

 However I foresee a problem with The Hobbit trilogy (other than the fact that it's another damn trilogy when the book is only ickle).  That the films are all in the wrong order.  Watching clips, it feels strange to see Gandalf the Grey again considering last time we saw him he was Gandalf the White.  Not to mention Saruman.  I'm still excited though!

The lost art of originality

When I was a teenager I was taught that 'the art of originality is hiding your source'.  But that seems to have gone out of the window these days.  In fact, it seems to have gone a step further - there is a distinct lack of originality.
Take Fifty Shades of Grey for example - Twilight with sex.
How about all of the remakes?  Total Recall, Robocop, to name two.
Well, now there's a new remake in town.  Jumanji!
Who would have thought...Here's the full story.

I get the wonderful feeling that 2013 is going to be a great year for films, starting with next Thursday.

Have a lovely weekend ya'll!
(Apologies for that ya'll, it was distinctively unBritish of me.  Just preparing myself for the lovely south of The Walking Dead mid season finale, of which I will be attempting to pen a review.  I have a feeling it will be a lot easier than the season two review but there I go saying too much).

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