Sunday, 18 November 2012

Nocturnal Lovin'

My weekend of being abandoned by my other half is over.  He's home and I'm already trying hard not to think my early Monday start tomorrow morning.

It's been a successful weekend.  The house is clean and tidy, the guinea pigs are clean (well, their home is), I've had a lovely lunch with my parents and I even had a walk to the shops (because the hubby took the car).

I reorganised myself and now have a writing spreadsheet with dates and deadlines on.  Let's hope I can stick to it this time.  I really hope I can - it'll mean having at least one novel published by the end of 2013!

I watched a film - I Don't Know How She Does It - which wasn't great but wasn't bad.  I didn't manage to watch much else because I was working hard on my blog serial.

You remember my blog serial - Twilight Zone, all about Emily May, werewolf hunter, investigating the disappearance of a single mother and a little girl from a zoo nocturnal house.  Ok, so it's been a while and I really do apologise about that.  But it is now fully edited, formatted and in one document.

There are two major changes.  Firstly, I have changed the title.  Secondly, it is now written in the third person.  I'm not entirely convinced if this works yet.  I've been thinking about rewriting my first Emily May novel in the third person for a while now and, as I'm working on a different novel for the time being, thought this blog serial would be a good way of trying this out.

I would love to know what you think!

The newly retitled Nocturnal Lovin' can be downloaded as a PDF from here.

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